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Say goodbye forever to rattling, draughty letterboxes with the new, improved EcoflapEX.

This innovative design works as a draught excluder for your letterbox. Positioned behind the letterbox on the interior of the front door, it stops cold air from entering the room whilst preventing heat from escaping.

Totally draught proof, the Ecoflap adjusts automatically to size of the delivery - including A4 and thickish newspapers and magazines.

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Product Name Price
Ecoflap - Silver £19.99
Ecoflap - Black £19.99
Ecoflap - Brown £23.99

The Ecoflap is a retro fitting inside flap that will work with your existing outside letter plate from the tiny Victorian sizes up to and just over the modern day standard sizes.

A draughty letter box can be a potential hotspot for losing heat in the home. During windy weather, a rattling letterbox can also be a source of irritation for many households. With its innovative design, the Ecoflap cleverly solves both problems.
The Ecoflap design is finely balanced so that the opening force is counteracted by a greater closing force. The result means, when the wind blows, it will actually blow the Ecoflap shut and it will then never blow open making it completely draught proof.

The other great thing about the Ecoflap is there are no springs or any other components to break.  A common problem is for springs to become faulty and thus cause a rattling and loosely fitting letter plate. Ecoflap has NO components to break and therefore - even if the outside letter plate becomes faulty, Ecoflap will still protect from the draught.

The Ecoflap adjusts automatically to the size of the delivery.  It can open wide enough to allow A4 and thick newspapers and magazines through it and then self-closes when they have cleared the letterbox.  It is also safe - and will not "bite" your fingers or damage mail.

Please Note: Ecoflap is only suitable for horizontal letter boxes.

Features of the new improved EcoflapEX include:
Smooth finish on the flap
Rubberised over moulding
Full depth aluminium insert

Dimensions of the Ecoflap:
Outer dimensions of the Ecoflap = 33cms wide x 11.75cm high.

The Ecoflap internal hole width is 28.75cms. This will also cover most bolts that secure front letter flaps.

There is a 2.0cms (0.75") wide flange around the Ecoflap to cover any uneven or untidy hole cuts, once the existing draught barrier is removed. This will also house the Ecoflap fixing screws.

The locating lip is 2.8cms above the bottom edge of Ecoflap flange.

The Ecoflap will accommodate post up to 26cms (10.25") wide CLEAR and 4.2cms (approx 1.75") high CLEAR and will draught proof a hole up to 7.0cms (over 2.9") high and over 30.0cms (12") wide.

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