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ECOutlet Affiliate Scheme

Join the ECOutlet affiliate scheme and offer visitors to your website or blog the choice of a unique range of innovative and constantly updating eco friendly products.

The ECOutlet affiliate scheme is suitable for individuals, companies, charities and organisations who like us are interested in helping people to lead a more sustainable lifestyle.

Our affiliate scheme is one of the highest paying affiliate schemes on the web and pays a 10% commission on all sales generated from your website.

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New to the scheme – How does it work?

Sign up for free to our affiliate program.
Once you have registered and logged in, you can then choose from a selection of banners and text links to use on your website. Each banner and text link comes with a small amount of html code which needs to be inserted on your site along with the link.

When a customer clicks on any of the text links or banner ads you placed on your website, they will then be transferred to If they place an order with ECOutlet any time during the next 60 days, this will generate a 10% commission for you.

You can log in to the scheme at any time to view your statistics and learn what commissions you have earned. Commissions are paid on a monthly basis and you will receive an email on pay day detailing how much you have earned for the last period. Our minimum payout is £15 per month and balances under this are carried over to the next payperiod.

In addition to a selection of eye catching banners and numerous text links we also offer ongoing affiliate incentives and updates to ensure you get the most out of this partnership. We are always here to help and offer assistance so you can realise the full potential of the scheme. The program is very straight forward and easy to use but if at any point you have any questions or would like to receive assistance in setting up your account or downloading banners we can be contacted via and by phone on 0141 636 4412.

ECOutlet Affiliate Program Summary:

10% Commission per sale*
Easy to downloads banners and text links
Deep linking to any page on our website available
HTML code provided
Minimum payout £15 monthly

*Commission is paid on the value of goods bought, excluding VAT and delivery charges.

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