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Our links section is designed to help you think about the many different ways to lead a greener lifestyle.

Green Organisations and Climate Care

climate care
A resource of environmental charities and organisations who are working towards tackling the problems of climate change.

Green Energy

green energy
Renewable energy is the biggest opportunity to make a difference to your environmental impact.   Find further information on green energy suppliers as well as microgeneration technologies including solar and wind turbines here.


Books, CDs, DVDs, mobile phones, printer cartridges, school uniforms, furniture…in fact anything you might have grown out of can be given a new lease of life by passing it on to somebody else.

Green your Car

green your car
Green car insurance and breakdown cover, electric cars and car sharing schemes.   Just some of the ways you can reduce the impact your car has on the environment.

Green Finance

green finance
Some greener choices for your finances including ethical savings accounts.


Farmers markets, outdoor work-outs and ethical phone services are some of the steps you can take towards a greener lifestyle.


Zero emissions and a great way to exercise, take a look for tips on taking up cycling, how to obtain tax free bikes and some safety notes.


travel Looking for ideas on your next weekend break?  Perhaps the ideal destination is not as far away as you thought.

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